Time lapse video of the Eagle Creek Fire of 2017 that shows 12 hours on the first evening that the fire threatend the nearby town of Cascade Locks.

As the fire made it's way out of the Eagle Creek wilderness the winds kicked up on the evening of September 4th and weather forecasters expected the fire to move quickly. As a hobby I had been creating remote camera setups that were capable of taking photos in complete darkness and uploading them live to my website. I had been doing that for my Mt Adams Day/Night camera for many years and decided that I should move one of my camera setups to Stevenson ahead of the fire.
When the fire hit I obtained permission to place my camera along the waterfront in Stevenson so i could provide a "Live View" of the Eagle Creek fire at my website WhereintheGorge.com so that residents could monitor the fires progress in overnight night hours.
On the evening of September 4th my website had over 100,000 views where people would see a new photo updated every 60 seconds of the fires progress. Cascade Locks had been completely evacuted and there was a real fear in the community that evening that Cascade Locks would be consumed by flames.

If you wondered who is the guy behind the Eagle Creek Fire cam here is an interview i did with KGW about why i setup the camera.

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